Who are we ?

We are a group of photographers, specialized in the art of military fighter aircraft-, military vehicle-, tanks- and train-photography. 
We have traveled all over the world to capture the best  pictures for you.

Now the Iron Curtain has fallen we were able to shoot even more WWII and Cold War pictures in countries like Russia, former East-Germany, Slovakia, Czech republic Hungary, Romania and last but certainly not least Poland. 

What can we offer?Pictures, pictures and even more pictures. As illustration for your articles in newspapers, magazines, books or other media. Please send us a mail and tell us your needs.
We will send you the best pictures for your publication
.              .
If you want to publish any, you should ask for a written authorization of the photographer. Such permission can be obtained by writing a note to: "Frisian Aviation Photo" 


If the photograph is marked  with a  #  the photo may be digitally changed for reason of security or embellishment.


Our Crew:


Siete Meeter

Nikon D700, Nikon-D7100   Lumix GF-1

Hans Meindersma

Nikon D300 & D200  

Jobetien Meeter

Lumix- GF-1

Gerard Dykstra

Nikon D700/ D200 

Nout de Roo

Nikon D50

Finn de Roo

Nikon D200


Furthermore there is work of our guest  photographers Nl:  Koos Jager, Haijo Luining,  Martijn Diks ,  Juren Scheaffer   Jan vd Heide and Lukasz Sambor.

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